Tattoo Removal with PicoPlus Laser: A Path to a Clear Skin and Better Cover-up

Tattoo removal has evolved dramatically, and with the rise of technology, especially the PicoPlus Laser, the possibilities have increased to not only remove a tattoo, but also improve the possibilities for an effective cover-up. In this article, we will delve into the PicoPlus Laser tattoo removal process and how it can facilitate a better cover-up for those looking to alter their artwork.

I. Why Choose Tattoo Removal with PicoPlus Laser?

A. Effective Removal of Colored Pigments

The PicoPlus Laser uses ultra-short pulses to break down the color pigments in a tattoo. This results in a more efficient and faster tattoo removal process.

B. Reduced Risk of Skin Damage

The level of precision offered by the PicoPlus Laser minimizes the risk of damage to surrounding skin. This makes it a safer option for tattoo removal.

II. The process of Tattoo Removal with the PicoPlus Laser

A. Ultra Short Pulses for Faster Results

The PicoPlus Laser emits ultra-short pulses of light, resulting in faster results compared to older laser methods. This means less time for the patient and faster recovery.

B. Fading the Tattoo for Better Cover-up

A unique advantage of the PicoPlus Laser is its ability to gradually fade the tattoo. This creates a more neutral base for a cover-up tattoo.

III. Advantages of Fading Tattoo
for Cover-up

A. Creates a Neutral Background

By using the PicoPlus Laser to fade a tattoo, a neutral background is created. This allows the tattoo artist to design and execute a cover-up with greater creative freedom.

B. Reduced Risk of Transparency

Bleaching a tattoo reduces the risk of the old tattoo design being visible through a new one. This results in a more covering and aesthetically pleasing cover-up.

IV. Consultation with Tattoo and Laser experts

A. The Importance of Professional Counseling

Before starting tattoo removal or planning a cover-up, it is crucial to consult both a tattoo artist and a laser expert. This ensures a thoughtful and efficient process.

B. Realistic Expectations

Specialists can also help create realistic expectations for both tattoo removal and cover-up. This includes the number of sessions that may be required and the possible outcome.

V. Aftercare and Recovery

A. Follow Specialists' Advice

To ensure a smooth recovery, it is important to follow the aftercare advice given by specialists. This includes using specific ointments and avoiding direct sunlight.


Tattoo removal with the PicoPlus Laser opens the door for those seeking change and improvement of their existing tattoos. Integrating this advanced technology with the concept of fading a tattoo creates an opportunity for a more successful and aesthetically pleasing cover-up. With professional advice and aftercare, this process can be a positive journey towards recreating the work of art on your skin.