Blisters after tattoo removal with PicoPlus laser?

After tattoo removal with a PicoPlus laser, it's possible for some people to experience what's called "bubbling" with serous fluid. This happens because the laser breaks up the ink particles in the tattoo into smaller pieces that become bio active. Then your body works on removing them.
When the body starts to remove these tiny ink particles, it can cause a reaction similar to allergy that leads to the formation of blister filled with a fluid called serous fluid. These blisters may appear on the surface of the skin where the tattoo was treated.
It doesn't happen very often but when it does, it's part of the healing process. The bubbles will absorb on their own as the skin heals. It might be a good idea to take any allergy peals. If you notice any unusual or concerning symptoms, it's always a good idea to consult with your tattoo removal specialist.
Never try to empty blisters. It will make the healing process last longer. 
If it happens that they brake on their own, make sure to keep the area clean and sterile to avoid infection. You can do it by using sterile dressing. 

What happens with blister?

Before treatment

Day after treatment 

Upon next treatment